Jolley Card

Jolley Gift Cards

We are proud to announce the Jolley Gift Card!

Stop by your local Jolley store and find the perfect gift for any occasion. Jolley Gift Cards are reloadable and can be used for anything in the store. From fuel to refreshments, the Jolley Gift Card has you covered.

If you already have a Jolley Gift Card you can check its balance here.

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About Us:

Jolley convenience stores have been locally owned and operated by Bruce and Robert Jolley since 1974.  After acquiring several properties in the mid 70′s, they decided to form Jolley Associates in July of 1977.

Robert Jolley passed away on February 28th 2009, his ownership stocks in the company were passed to his wife Mary Ellen Jolley.  The company now operates 44 convenience stores in 3 states; VT, NH, and NY.

Our Mission:

"Your Daily Smile"

To provide the customer with the best buying experience in the convenience store industry and to give our customers their daily smile.

Sister Companies:

SB Collins Logo

A locally owned petroleum products company located in Saint Albans Vermont. Delivering Gasoline and diesel to dealers in Vermont and New York.

Clarence Brown Logo

A locally owned home heating fuel oil Company located in Saint Albans Vermont. Serving thousands of homes and farms in northwestern Vermont.


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